Shining a light on World Cancer Day

6 February 2019

City icons, emblematic landmarks and famous monuments light up for World Cancer Day across the world. 

Every year as the sun goes down on the 4 February, cities light up in orange and blue to mark World Cancer Day. This year, around 40 landmarks showed their colours for the day. Here are just a few highlights:  

World Cancer Day messages at 190m 

Organised by Maitland/AMO

World Cancer Day's new logo lights up the Zhemchuzhina Grand Hotel 

Organised by National Society of Pediatric Hematologists and Oncologists (Russia)

Lighting up in Stockhölm  

Organised by Cancerfonden

Cross-Canada support for World Cancer Day

Organised by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

UNESCO World Heritage site, Petra shines a light

Organised by UICC 

City gates lights up in Abuja

Organised by Medicaid Cancer Foundation 

Lagos' National Arts Theatre gives performance of the night 

Organised by Project PINK BLUE

A tower and two bridges shine in Istanbul 

Organised by Turkish Association For Cancer Research & Control

Bernini's Fountain of Four Rivers lights up 

Organised by Ufficio Stampa e Relazioni Esterne IFO

Brazil's city of Teresina joins in for World Cancer Day

Organised by Fundação Maria Carvalho Santos

An illuminated gathering in the heart of Toyko

Organised by UICC Japan 

Shooting for the skies with Geneva's Jet d'eau 

Organised by UICC

UK Parliament lights up for the first time for World Cancer Day

Organised by Elaine Monro 

About World Cancer Day 2019

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and is the uniting global initiative under which the world comes together to raise the profile of cancer in a positive and inspiring way. Spearheaded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and improving education about the disease alongside calling on governments and individuals across the world to take action. 

2019 will be the first year of the new three-year campaign, ‘I Am and I Will’. The new theme is an empowering call for personal commitment and represents the power of our actions taken now to reduce the growing impact of cancer. This year follows on follows on the back of last year’s tremendous campaign success, including nearly 1,000 activities taking place in 130 countries, over half a million tweets, and more than 50 governments participating in 2018.

#WorldCancerDay #IAmAndIWill

For more information, please visit: is external)(link is external)

About World Cancer Day activities and grassroots events

Encouraging supporters around the world to show their inner hero and to add their voice to the day, World Cancer Day has launched its first Augmented Reality Facebook Filter. For more information, is external)(link is external)

Local and international associations are also coming together to hold events dedicated to raising awareness and education about cancer, including free cancer screenings, fundraisers, awareness walks and runs, and public seminars. For more information about specific events, please visit:

Last update: 
Friday 7 June 2019