Our Views, Our Voices workshop in Geneva, Switzerland 30-31 Oct.

Our Views Our Voices
15 September 2017

In Geneva, Switzerland, on October 30-31, NCD Alliance will host an Our Views, Our Voices workshop, bringing together 40 people living with NCDs from across the world to discuss the results of the online and community consultations. These discussions will shape the Advocacy Agenda of people living with NCDs.

Our Views, Our Voices (OVOV) is an NCD Alliance initiative that aims to leverage people's living experiences to shape the global NCD agenda. Participants of th OVOV workshop in Geneva next month are expected to:

  • Actively participate in discussions with individuals at this diverse and multicultural workshop
  • Disseminate information and lessons learned at the workshop with new and existing communities back home
  • Commit to furthering the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) over the coming years
  • Commit to supporting and shaping the ''Our Views, Our Voices’ initiative and its ongoing activities.

PLWNCDs, carers for PLWNCDs and supporters of the NCD and OVOV agenda are encouraged to apply to attend this workshop. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please submit this form, in English or in Spanish,  by September 26.

The workshop will be translated into French and Spanish. Nominations will be reviewed according to the expectations listed above. NCD Alliance will also strive to ensure a balanced representation across gender and geography. Selected participants may receive support through flight costs, hotel stay, visa and insurance.

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