LALCEC develops a new app to give hope and support to cancer patients

16 October 2015

Hope App is a new mobile app created by our member the Argentinian League for the Fight Against Cancer (LALCEC), which connects cancer fighters with survivors to give them support and help them remain positive about their future.

Hope App aims to give contention and accompaniment to people who are fighting cancer. In order to accomplish this, they are put in contact with people who already fought and overcame this disease so they can give them support, advice and above all, prove them in person that cancer can be beaten. LALCEC also invites families and friends from these two groups of people to participate as they are considered to be essential elements in the treatment process of a cancer patient. Also, if a family member or friend suffered from this disease, they can help them go through this difficult situation.

How does it work?

Its functionality is quite simple: users download the application and when they first get in, the app asks them if they are being treated or have already recovered. Immediately after, it shows them other people who are on the other side waiting for some help or to be helped.

Once the diagnosed person gets in touch with whom he chooses to talk to from the “recovered” group, he will discover the experience of someone who has already gone through what he is going through now. This is essential so the patient feels understood and contained, as no one else can know what the patient is suffering from, unless this other person shares his/her experience of having beaten the disease. LALCEC understands this patient/ex-patient relationship will help the cancer patient to overcome the situation.

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