Join UICC at War on Cancer event in Bogotá

The Economist's War on Cancer
18 August 2017

UICC will be joining the Economist Events' War on Cancer LATAM, taking place on 19 September in Bogotá, Colombia.

The War on Cancer LATAM event will assemble leaders from government, academia and industry to assess how Latin America can manage its cancer burden.

From basic epidemiological data collection, prevention, screening and early detection to diagnosis, treatment and access to effective palliative care, it will mine cost-effective, results-driven strategies for mitigating the disease. Improving equity of access, the quality, delivery and affordability of care, and the promotion of more holistic, patient-centric treatment will also be a focus.

The conference will compare and contrast different approaches; to exchange knowledge and insights from within the region and from across the globe, and bring together the many different stakeholders that are needed to ensure a robust response to the challenge of the growing cancer burden.

Non-communicable diseases such as cancer are outpacing infectious disease to become the leading health care threat to middle and low-income countries across Latin America. While significant efforts have been made to increase access to care, improve treatment quality, expand cancer registries and implement new policies to improve primary cancer prevention, serious challenges remain. Recurring problems such as inadequate funding, equipment, and personnel shortages and unequal distribution of resources all increase the severity of a growing cancer burden and pose a real social and economic threat to several countries in Latin America.

Some confirmed panelists:

  • Gilberto Lopes, associate professor of medicine, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Ricardo Perez Cuevas, InterAmerican Development Bank
  • Fernando Ruiz, leading scientific director, Hospital Oncológico de Bogotá
  • Alejandro Mohar, coordinator, Institute Nacional de Cancerología, México
  • Isabel Mestres, Director, Members and Partners Development, UICC
  • Carlos Jose Castro, medical director, Colombian League against Cancer
  • Maria Viniegra, general coordinator, Ministry of Health, Buenos Aires

UICC members receive 15% discount off the current registration rate. Use code: UICC15 when booking online.

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