Icon Group opens its network of cancer centres to UICC Technical Fellows

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15 July 2019

Icon Group, a UICC partner, offers to share their expertise with cancer professionals from around the globe by hosting international UICC Technical Fellows within its network

Icon Group have opened their global network of over 30 cancer centres to UICC Technical Fellows who are keen to develop valuable skills in oncology nursing, medical oncology and radiation therapy. Through its Technical Fellowship programme, UICC provides cancer professionals including oncology nurses, clinicians, public health practitioners and researchers worldwide valuable opportunities to travel abroad and visit a centre of excellence for a month where they can gain new skills in cancer control. Through this new hosting initiative, interested candidates are matched with experts working in Icon Group’s cancer centre network who will, if awarded, host the Technical Fellows in Australia.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for UICC fellows to visit and learn from the excellent clinicians within Icon Group’s network of cancer centres in Australia.”
– Dr Cary Adams, CEO, UICC

 “Education and collaboration are essential parts of tackling the global cancer challenge. Icon Group are delighted to host UICC fellows to help build their knowledge in the delivery of best-practice cancer care and apply this in their home country.”
– Mark Middleton, Icon Group CEO

About UICC Technical Fellowships

The Technical Fellowships programme offers international fellowship opportunities to cancer professionals who have a Masters’ Degree or medical equivalent (clinicians or oncology nurses) with the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the international exchange and development of technical knowledge and skills in all areas of cancer control.
  • To build capacity of the individual and the home organisation through the effective application and dissemination of the newly acquired skills in the home organisation upon return.
  • To support the development of networks of cancer control professionals for the continued sharing of best practices and knowledge, and the informal provision of ongoing support, guidance or training.

Fellowships can be public health, research or clinical in nature and cover any of the following topics: cancer prevention, causes of cancer, cancer registries and analysis of cancer data, early detection, pathology, diagnosis, and prognosis, cancer treatment, patient support, survivorship and palliative care, health economics, universal health coverage and policy, national cancer control plans.

Fellowship visits are for a maximum of one month, and the programme provides financial support of up to 3,400 USD towards living and travel costs. The call is open all year between January 31 and December 31.

Icon Group as potential hosts to Technical Fellows

Icon Group is Australia’s largest dedicated provider of cancer care with a growing reach into New Zealand and Asia. The Group is built on a strong but simple vision – to deliver the best care possible to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible. The Group brings together all aspects of care from medical oncology to radiation oncology, haematology, chemotherapy drug handling and preparation and pharmacy for the benefit of patients.

Icon services include:

  • The day oncology division is Australia’s largest private provider of medical oncology and haematology with centres nationally, as well as in Singapore and New Zealand.
  • Icon Group network includes radiation oncology centres nationally and internationally, including a joint venture centre in New Zealand and a number in development in China.
  • Comprehensive cancer centres bring together day oncology, radiation oncology and pharmacy.
  • Icon Group provides Australia’s largest private cancer clinical trials programme, offering patients and clinicians access to new and emerging advances in treatment, conducting trials across haematology, medical oncology and radiation oncology, participating in national and international trials.

How to apply for a Technical Fellowship at an Icon Group cancer centre:

Candidates interested in visiting Icon Group’s cancer centres should contact the UICC Fellowship team at fellows@uicc.org with a short description of their professional background, the techniques they would like to learn and the timeframe they would like to visit. Oncology nurses are particularly encouraged to apply. UICC and Icon Group will coordinate the matching of the best suited Icon Group host supervisors with the candidates and will put them in contact so that a fellowship proposal can be agreed upon and submitted through the Technical Fellowship programme for review and final selection of successful individuals.

UICC hopes this pioneering initiative will provide valuable opportunities to cancer professionals in the cancer community, strengthening the health workforce for cancer, as well as inspiring other UICC partners and members to share their knowledge and expertise through the Technical Fellowship programme, allowing the exchange of best practice and lasting collaborations to be formed within the international cancer community.

Last update: 
Tuesday 16 July 2019