Cyclists for BMS ride "Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer" in Latin America to raise money for cancer research

Participants in the C2C4C bike ride train several months for the event. Some of the riders are cancer survivors, others have witnessed the devastating impact of cancer on friends and family.
14 December 2022

Fundraising continues for the three-week cycling event organised by UICC partner Bristol Myers Squibb to raise money for UICC members in Latin America.

For the first time, UICC partner Bristol Myers Squibb took the C2C4C – Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer – bike ride to Latin America to raise funds for UICC member organisations in the region working on cancer education and research.

More than 65 Bristol Myers Squibb, comprising five teams and representing five nations – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru – have alternated riding for three weeks (30 November to 14 December), covering nearly 1,800km across Chile: from Puerto Vartas to the Pucón province in the southern region of the country. Some of the riders are cancer survivors, others have witnessed the devastating impact of cancer on friends and family. 

"After months of extensive training, I couldn't be more prepared to cycle and raise funds for cancer research. Expanding C2C4C to Latin America allows my fellow employee riders and I to join our colleagues around the world and profoundly influence the patients and families who have been affected by cancer." 
Samy Jalil, General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb Colombia & Peru

The general public has been invited to donate in support of the cyclists’ fundraising efforts for cancer education and research, which continue until 28 December 2022. Bristol Myers Squibb is also making contributing USD 50,000 to support UICC's and matching public donations up to USD 50,000 for the riders’ fundraising efforts.

Francisco Orbegozo, Medical Lead at Bristol Myers Squibb in Peru, was among those riding in the C2C4C Latin America. “I’m riding for my father who passed away from pancreatic cancer. I am also riding for my wife and children who are my strength and driving force, and for cancer patients in Peru.”  
Another rider, Pepe Ocadiz Arriaga, Digital Manager in Mexico, was impacted by cancer at an early age when his younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia as a child. “C2C4C means being part of a transcendental experience for those who need it most,” he said. 
Blanca Bedoya, Sales Representative in Hematology based in Colombia, is a cancer survivor who was riding for all those overcoming serious illnesses. Patients inspire Blanca and she considers C2C4C a tribute to them. “C2C4C for me is an opportunity to link my work with my mission in life to grow, improve myself and understand that when I strive to be better and achieve something, there is always a purpose,” she said. “I also ride for my family, my husband and children. I want to leave a legacy the love of total dedication for causes we are passionate about, like C2C4C.” 

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Wednesday 21 December 2022