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The Swiss Cancer League is a national, charitable, private non-profit organization, founded in 1910. It attends to all aspects of cancer, with the aim of ensuring that fewer people develop cancer and more people can be treated successfully. The organization also supports cancer research, increases public awareness of prevention measures and is committed to early diagnosis and treatment. One of its first concerns is to ensure high-quality advice and psychosocial support for patients and their loved ones. The League is organized as a federation and unites 19 cantonal and regional leagues in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The national umbrella organization is headquartered in Bern; it has approximately 100 employees, working mostly on a part-time basis. At the local and regional level, the 19 cantonal and regional cancer leagues provide psychosocial counseling and support for patients and their relatives locally. The Swiss Cancer League is primarily financed by donations and is certified with the ZEWO quality label. It became full member of the UICC in 1935.
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