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Cancer Centre Welfare Home & Research Institute (CCWH & RI), is the only Indian Cancer Hospital to boast of a sprawling 16 acres of land with trees, gardens and water bodies that create an ambience of being cared for in the lap of nature. The basic philosophy of such extensive natural landscaping is to blend nature, art, and architecture, with modern machinery, extensive medical know-how and tender loving care to soothe the agony of the thousands of patients, who come to us every year for relief from a medical menace called Cancer. The Institute today is equipped all the trappings of modern medicine to screen, diagnose & treat every possible form of cancer. It has been exclusively treating cancer patients for the last 30 years and the wealth of experience gained by the senior staff is regularly passed on to all the new recruits. There is a fervent zeal amongst all the employees to serve every patient with a smile and a kind word, whether underprivileged or affluent. Being a philanthropic organization led and supported by brave hearts, the Institute caters to the needs of patients from every walk of life. Every year, hundreds of needy patients comel of free treatment in the form of free an or subsidized accommodation, free tests, free medicines and free check ups. Cancer Centre Welfare Home & Research Institute was accepted as a UICC full member in 1993.

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