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19 Rafsanjani St., Haftom Azar Sq., Rafsanjani Hwy., Internation

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Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC), as a charity center provides financial support and services to cancer patients such as screening program and patient training without any charge for diagnosing cancer at the early stage.The aim of our association is to support cancer patients during the whole treatment period by accommodation and medication supply. RROC is also in cooperation with universities and research centers to share the knowledge and experiences and offer the best possible treatment to the patients. In addition, we have Cancer Genetics Research (CGR) Unit founded on August 2014, the research team are investigating the methylation status of candidate genes in several biosamples obtained from CRC patients in order to develop a methylation screening PCR-based test for CRC. Besides, at the CGR unit a standard biobank collecting different biosamples (stool, serum, plasma, blood, tissue and urine) has been created and several research scientists from all around the world collaborate with the CGR research team in their CRC studies.
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