People Living with Cancer (PLWC)

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We connect with cancer survivors who want to give something back to their communities after their treatment. We recruit small groups of dedicated cancer survivors and support and train them to become "Cancer Buddies" who in turn provide emphatic support an understanding to new cancer patients and caregivers. Sometimes the best treatment is just talking to someone who has "been there". PLWC offers a Buddy support network where cancer patients can interact with and receive advice and support from cancer survivors who have a similar profile disease and treatment protocol. Buddies are trained on how to assist patients who are currently facing treatment to deal with the diagnosis, treatment, emotional issues and ultimately living with and beyond their cancer. PLWC volunteers offer hope because they themselves have survived the disease and have regained their lives, living fully and productively. Mission: PLWC is creating a national support structure for cancer survivors and their families across South Africa by collaborating and building innovative partnerships that make a difference to the lives of the people we support. Vision: People Living with Cancer will be the first organisation that comes to mind when a person is diagnosed with cancer and needs help. Values: Our work is driven by the following key values: Passion - to make a difference in the lives of people touched by cancer. Care- we acknowledge the fact that cancer affects Body, Mind and Spirit and that each cancer patient and family has the right to supportive care that will empower them to become active members of their own treatment team. Collaboration - we are committed to not duplicate services but to work together wit other NGOs in improving service delivery to all cancer patients in South Africa. We encourage resource sharing and a generosity of spirit. Aims: To ultimately develop a national support system for newly diagnosed cancer patients based on other peer to peer support models used world wide like the "Reach For Recovery support service for breast cancer patients " the Cancer Buddies peer support services includes all other cancer types where as possible. To assist newly diagnosed patients and families to deal with their illness when they are just starting their journey with cancer. To have newly diagnosed patients visited by Cancer Buddies who have been through the cancer treatment and are living their life despite the diagnosis of cancer. To provide hope to the newly diagnosed patient at their time of crisis, to empower and support them to continue treatment and live a quality life after treatment. To develop community - based cancer support groups wherever the need arises. To facilitate the creation of small groups in different communities, personalised to the specific care needs of each community. To create cancer awareness around survivor-ship of cancer to empower communities to go for cancer screening and treatment early and increase the number of people living productive lives with cancer. To assist in breaking down the stigma that still exists around cancer. To identify cancer survivors needs in different communities and to liaise with private and government stakeholders in planning to meet these needs, acknowledging that cancer is a chronic illness that impacts on people at many levels.

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Monday 10 October 2022