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The Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) was formed for the purpose of improving coordination of cancer education and awareness through-out the country. Our vision is to reduce the threat and impact of cancer in Papua New Guinea through successful education, prevention and clinical support. Our mission is to lead a cohesive approach to minimise the impact of cancer. PNGCF will work with partner organisations to create awareness and conduct prevention programs. The Foundation is governed by a multi-sectoral board of volunteers made up of health professionals, private sector executives and relevant cancer stakeholders. Our core activities include; • Harmonising stakeholders involved in the delivery of cancer awareness, prevention and early detection in line with National Department of Health policies. • Conduct baseline surveys on cancer at free screening and awareness workshops through-out the country. • Raise funds to advocate our activities to increase the amount of resources available and developing an evidence based planning strategy to improve the effectiveness of investments. • Provide up to date evidence based information to communities on cancer prevention, screening programs and health services available. • Provide information to health professionals and stakeholders on the cancer related statistics and treatment options. • Assist with the delivery of medicines and supplies through the National Department of Health.

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Port Moresby
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Wednesday 10 January 2018