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Oman Cancer Association The Oman Cancer Association (OCA) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit umbrella organization. The inception of the Association was in the 2000 but was registered at the Ministry of Social Development in 2004. OCA is the brainchild of a 4 times cancer survivor Ms. Yuthar AlRawahi who started the initiatives in 1999. The Oman Cancer Association is 17 years old and serves the community to achieve its vision, Mission and Objectives. This is done through special projects, landmark projects, fund raising and creating awareness towards all cancers. Concentrating on awareness, empowerment, human resource development and research. We collaborate and support other similar organization within the region and globally. Initially we concentrated on Breast cancer and gradually tackled other cancers in respect to awareness, empowerment of patients, survivors, their families and the community at large where we strive to educate them that cancer is not a taboo but a treatable disease once diagnosed early and also the importance of prevention of cancers. We offer screening services and for breast through a mobile mammography unit that goes round the country. Also we provide a home for cancer children residing far from the Oncology center. All these services are offered free of charge and to all those who reside in Oman whether Omanis or otherwise. Oman is one of the co-founders of the International Cancer Prevention Consortium - ICPC with the objective for cancer prevention and control and concentrating in education, training and dedicated research. Through the ICPC Oman Cancer Association supports the low and middle income countries – LMIC in their needs to fight cancers in their countries. We are very active within the region and also East Africa. Oman Has won a number of local, regional and UN awards for its landmark projects. We believe in serving our community with our core values with Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for diversity, Innovation, compassion, Dignity, Dynamism, Transparency and with Passion. Management Structure STRATEGY Clear Objectives. Senior level commitment Structure Management Organizational structure Leadership Operating plan Focused staff Governance Proper Comm. Performance Tracking Our Motto is: Repeated regular examination gives early diagnosis, better prognosis and cure. We believe that: Together We Can Make A Difference Dr. Wahid Ali AlKharusi FRCS President Oman Cancer Association Emeritus Ambassador 14/2/2017

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18th November street,North Ghunbra, Bowsher
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Monday 26 September 2022