Ocean Road Cancer Institute

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Located along the Indian Ocean, Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) is the only specialized facility for cancer treatment in Tanzania. The facility is one of the oldest health institutions in Tanzania having been founded in 1895 by the German colonial government. In June 1996, by an act of parliament, ocean road hospital was made an independent autonomous institute directly under the ministry of health and its name changed to Ocean Road Cancer Institute. The institute works in partnership with the Tanzania community so as to create and maintain an integrated, accessible, and affordable cancer health care system with quality service to improve health and well-being. ORCI offers numerous patient services including laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative care services, cervical cancer screening, and an HIV/AIDS care and treatment clinic. In addition, ORCI has established teaching programs for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students as well as other health care workers, and ORCI runs research projects in various aspects of cancer. ORCI became a full member of UICC in 2008.

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00 255 22 211 8704
P.O. Box 3592
Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania, United Republic of
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Wednesday 5 January 2022