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The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) is a nation-wide, non-profit voluntary organisation. Our activities are funded by donations and fundraising, bequests and support from Norsk Tipping (a state owned gaming company). Several hundred thousand donors and members, as well as corporate sponsors, support the Society’s work. This broad support makes us the leading cancer NGO in Norway and contributes to a focused effort in the area of research funding, cancer care, cancer prevention, information and international collaboration. Our main objectives are to: • Contribute to ensure that fewer people develop cancer (reduction of the prevalence and incidence of cancer) • Contribute to more people surviving cancer • Ensure the best quality of life for people affected by cancer (cancer patients and their relatives) NCS also cooperates with and funds twelve voluntary patients’ associations nationwide. They provide patient care, recreation and information services to their members and play a key role in influencing local authorities and health personnel.
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