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National Cancer Institute (NCI)- Cairo was established during the 1950s and was implemented through the great administrative efforts of Professor Ahmed Lotfi Abou El Nassr. With the same enthusiasm, Professor Ismail El Sebai introduced radical surgery for cancer and trained a large group of Egyptian surgeons. Thanks to their efforts, Oncology was recognized as a separate specialty by Cairo University in 1959. It included a hospital with 270 beds which was built in the sixties and started operating in 1969. Manpower Included 40 medical staff members as well as, 150 supporting and nursing staff serving in first year of operation about 5,700 new cases and 8,000 outpatient visits. NCI wishes to control of cancer in Egypt through developing and maintaining integrated quality programs in patient care, research, education and prevention. They are committed to the multidisciplinary approach in cancer management in which different treatment modalities cooperate rather then compete. Professional and public educations are vital to solve the problem of the late presentation of patients. NCI hospital of 550 beds developed in stages. It is now the largest cancer hospital in the Middle East. This project received valuable support from USAID program of the American government, the European Union, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). NCI-Cairo was accepted into the UICC as full member in 1973.
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