National Cancer Council (MAKNA)

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Malaysian National Cancer Council (MAKNA) was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization. It is meant to mobilize resources in order to provide curative, preventative, research and support services to cancer patients and their families. MAKNA works to utilize all efforts, expertise and finance from all sectors of the society, to fight cancer and reduce related pain, morbidity and the suffering that cancer patients undergo. They provide screening and early diagnostic facilities to enable early detection of cancer and effectively distribute information about cancer awareness to all levels of society. MAKNA became an associate UICC member in 1997.

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00 60 3 2162 9178
BG 03A & 05, Ground Floor, Megan Ambassy
225 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
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Monday 10 October 2022