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The work and responsibilities of Henan Cancer Center / Henan Cancer Hospital are as following:(1) Dynamic monitoring of the cancer incidence and mortality to obtain the epidemiological information. We have established 32 national and provincial cancer registries and initially formed a registration and follow-up system that includes the basic information of cancer incidence and death amongst urban and rural residents in Henan province. Annual cancer registration reports in Chinese and English revision are published every year which are cited widely. (2) Conducting epidemiological researches. Appropriate screening, early diagnosis and treatment strategies and norms are important parts to guide us to carry out the cancer prevention and control. In order to explore appropriate screening strategies, we carried out many studies in high-risk populations. And several prospective cohorts have been established for oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer. (3) Application of cancer screening and early diagnosis methods in communities and high-risk population. In decades, we have done much work about the early diagnosis and treatment for upper digestive tract cancer in rural areas, cancer occurred in urban areas and in the Huaihe river basin, and the screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer. (4) Explore and evaluate new technologies and methods for cancer prevention and control. Based on the domestic and international development in cancer prevention and control, we would actively seek for new technologies and methods for the cancer prevention and control with low cost and feasibility in high risk areas.
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