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1. Screening Programs (including mobile clinics travelling to the poorest, most remote areas of Chile to offer free mammograms and smear tests to women who otherwise would have no access whatsoever to prevention programs) 2. Treatment (a. surgery, including robotic surgery, HIPEC, complex surgery; b. chemotherapy, including experimental drugs and immunotherapy; c. radiotherapy, including high-dose Brachytherapy, SRS, tomotherapy, etc.) 3. Research (a. clinical: phase I-IV studies. Recently we inaugurated the first early-phase unit in LATAM; b. genomic. A new genomic lab will start activity by June 2018; c. basic/translational. A basic research lab is under construction and will be ready in 2020) 4. Education (a. to the patient, through pamphlets and a monthly leaflet; b) to pre-graduate students in nursing, psychology, physical therapy, medicine, technical areas; c) to post-graduate students: specialization courses in medical oncology, radiotherapy, gynecological oncology, breast cancer surgery, digestive cancer surgery, head and neck surgery; IAEA-sponsored master in advanced radiotherapy for RT specialists from the entire LATAM region)

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