Fondazione "Edo Ed Elvo Tempia Valenta" Onlus

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Fondazione "Edo Ed Elvo Tempia Valenta" Onlus was created in 1981. The foundation is a host to one of the best equipped pharmagenomic laboratory in Italy. The multidisciplinary research team is formed of mathematicians, chemists, biologists, statisticians, medical doctors. The principal research topics are prostate, breast, melanoma, colorectal and ovarian cancers. The foundation runs large scale screening programs in the piedmont area for breast and colorectal cancers as well as cytological tests. All this is possible thanks to the spirit of solidarity and the generosity of Biella citizens, and hard work of volunteers. In twenty-five years, the foundation was able to finance programs and participations and to buy equipment for more then 19 million Euros. The foundation was admitted as a member of UICC in May 2007

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Via Malta 3
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Wednesday 5 January 2022