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Cancer Awareness Campaigns: Bhutan Cancer Society has launched a number of aggressive public awareness campaigns targeting the general public and health care professionals. Bhutan Cancer Society works tirelessly to educate the public, the media, and health professionals about the steps people can take to stay well, and ways everyone can fight back against the disease. The Society advocates effectively at all levels of people that will help us win the fight against cancer. Cancer Prevention: Bhutan Cancer Society focuses on cancer prevention to reduce the prevalence of cancer in Bhutan. Given the cost of treatment, focusing on prevention allows higher chance of survival since majority of the common cancers occurring in Bhutan is preventable with early detection. BCS educates the public on early detection and provides health services for cancer detection at the time of advocacy program. Education and Training: Bhutan Cancer Society educates the general public on cancer prevention and early detection through advocacy programs. BCS targets mainly the nuns, monks and people in rural areas who have very limited access to these services. BCS in collaboration with Ministry of Health and National Referral Hospital, Thimphu has established and assists the National Cancer Registry unit.
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