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Behnam Daheshpour Charity is a nonprofit NGO founded in 1995 in continuation of the ideas and pursuance of Mr. Behnam Daheshpour to support cancer patients. Behnam passed away in the same year at the age of 21 due to his cancer. After receiving the legal approvals in 2000, the organization continued this way with the help of public-spirited volunteers and supporters. We have been always in a leading to support cancer patients and actively provided informative material to control cancer disease. The organization succeeded to gain the special advisory position of United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) by 2011. It is working based on the best practices of international standards and being inspected by SGS for seven successive years starting from 2008. The organization’s activities to control cancer disease and moving towards its mission “a world without censer fear” could be described as below: • Providing medical and supporting services to the cancer patients and their families at an international standard level disregarding their age, nationality, gender, type and phase of censer disease (by continuously providing the medicine and treatments costs and extra services). From the date of establishment up to now, the organization has provided services to more than 11,000 patient cases and their families disregarding the age, nationality, gender, type and phase of cancer disease (such as medical subsidies, advanced treatments that are not covered by insurance, extra services and supporting packages including monetary or non-monetary aids, free of charge medicine, educational grants to the patient’s children, hospice services, free food, child support via providing access to children libraries, organizing health feasts, offering individual or group consulting sessions and organizing educational and psychology classes. • Equipping the academic cancer hospitals to increase the admission capacity and the quality of medical services; and in particular, covering the radiotherapy medical educating department of Shohaye Tajrish hospital, which is a subsidiary of Shahid Beheshti University. • Implementing research projects in the field of cancer disease; such as a cooperation with technical departments subsidiary of Tehran University in the project of “Modelling and simulation of cancer cells based on a mathematical model” and publishing an article in medical journal of Elsevier. • Regular cancer informative campaigns to improve the public knowledge and eliminate the false beliefs • Implementing a screening breast cancer among 500 women above 40 years age including Iranian and Afghan refugees • Organizing training classes for self-assessment and breast cancer control • Regular publishing and distributing of magazines, books and brochures and broadcasting health messages in virtual media to increase awareness about cancer disease and promote a culture of presentation and early diagnose • Arranging group meetings between the cured and the patients to increase their hope and awareness about the positive results of treatments in the oncology confine. • Informative activities to increase the awareness and knowledge about the possibility of control and the cancer warning signs. We hope to increase the quality of medical and supporting services by increasing the knowledge and awareness, up to date information and with the support of governmental, non-governmental and international organizations and continuously move towards a world without cancer fear by improving the public attitude about cancer and eliminating the false beliefs.

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