Baheya Foundation for Early Detection & Treatment of Breast Cancer

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4 Alouba Street, Off Haram Street

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Baheya Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Women’s Breast Cancer was established as a non-profit charity. It treats women who suffer from breast cancer free of charge, starting from early detection and passing through all stages of treatment; including surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and physical therapy. Since its establishment in 2015, Baheya Foundation has been able to receive around 130,000 women, between early examination, diagnosis and tumour detection. Baheya Foundation seeks to alleviate the suffering of more Egyptian women, through the establishment of a new hospital in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza. And due to its belief that the way to control Breast Cancer is by Early Detection, Baheya had "Awareness" and implementation of its effective "Early Detection Programme" as one of its main objectives, since breast self-examination (BSE) and early detection programmes for breast cancer can lead to lower breast cancer mortality rates. Baheya offers integrated services including Health Education. The centre currently has capacity to receive more than 500 women daily.
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