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Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (AMMAAC) is a medical body estabalished in 2001 as par tof the Arab Medical Association. Their main office is in Cairo, Egypt and AMMAAC is a continuation of the Arab Council Against Cancer that was founded in 1995. The Arab Medical Association Against Cancer aims at strengthening relationships between members in different Arab Countries to raise the level of cooperation in the field of oncology on both scientific and practical aspects. Exchanging information and researches between members through Regional and Arab Conferences and Publications. Solving medical problems in the field of oncology through holding Public Awareness Campaigns. Participating in scientific activities in International Conferences. Developing studies related to the improvement of teaching oncology in the Arab Medical Faculties and Scientific Conferences. Finally, encouraging researchers and doctors to find training and working opportunities in the field of oncology inside and outside the Arab world. AMMAAC became full UICC member in July 2009.
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