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Aichi Cancer Center was established in 1964, as the first comprehensive cancer center combining a hospital and a research institute in the Tokai region, and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2004. In the hospital (500 beds), a total of over 765,132 outpatients and 158,963 inpatients have been treated during the past 42 years, with innovative and advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The overall 5-year survival rate of the entire patient population was about 35% in 1965, and about 58% in 2001, this number is steadily increasing. Aichi Cancer Center was reported to be ranked as the number one hospital for cancer treatment in Japan in 2004 by one of the major newspapers, Nippon Keizai Shinbun. Aichi Cancer Center became UICC full member ins 1968.

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