Cervical Cancer Elimination series - Estimating and responding to the suffering of women with cervical cancer | WHO-UICC

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 - 14:00 (UTC/GMT+1:00)

Cervical Cancer Elimination series - Estimating and responding to the suffering of women with cervical cancer: stimulating overdue action


Cervical cancer is one of the gravest threats to women’s well-being and lives worldwide, despite being a preventable disease. One woman dies from this cancer every two minutes. New data by World Health Organization to be published in June 2021 quantify for the first time that women with cervical cancer typically experience suffering that is more complex and severe than that caused by other serious illnesses.

Knowing the most common and severe types of suffering of people affected by cervical cancer, patients and their primary family caregivers, is the first step to addressing the horrifying unmet needs, especially for those living in low- and middle-income countries where access to palliative care remains rare.

All stakeholders, but especially implementers, advocates and civil society organisations working in cancer and HIV, are invited to the presentation of this new data and to join an interactive dialogue on taking urgent steps to address the gap through the essential package of palliative care for cervical cancer (EPPCCC).

This Virtual Dialogue is held in partnership with the World Health Organization





The dialogue is scheduled for the 16th June, 14:00-16:00 Central European Summer Time CEST (check your time zone here). To provide some flexibility for participants to enter the platform, a close at 16:00 CEST at the latest is planned, with a programme of 90 minutes in the two-hour period.

Due to high demand and to enable as broad an attendance as possible this Virtual Dialogue will be run as a Webinar.


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Cervical cancer / HPV, Palliative Care, Screening, Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
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Wednesday 16 June 2021