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UICC offers the following types of membership


Available to organisations, networks or entities that are substantially engaged in evidence-based cancer control or research and have appropriate organisational structures. Full members may submit nominations for the Board of Directors and may submit activity proposals to the Board.
Annual dues: CHF 3,000


Available to organisations, networks or entities that support UICC objectives.
Annual dues: CHF 1,500

Please note that processing your application will only take one week. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Membership will become effective upon UICC approval of the application and receipt of the first annual membership dues.

Privacy policy: In order to approve your membership application, UICC needs to gather - data about your organisation. The more accurate the information you provide, the better UICC will be able to adapt its services to your membership needs and inform you of upcoming opportunities. Providing us with up-to-date contact details and information facilitates the relationship between your organisation and UICC. Please note that the contacts you provide will be automatically signed up to our newsletters (but will be able to unsubscribe). Click here to learn more about our privacy policy.

Section 1 - Organisation details
Support organisation from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to become associate members by adding CHF 500 (Swiss francs) to your annual fees, connecting them with the extensive global network that UICC membership brings. We can recommend organisations from LMICs for you to support.
Please choose that which best describes your facility.
Describe the main activity / focus of the organisation
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