17 October 2023

A celebration of outstanding work in advancing cancer control at UICC’s World Cancer Leaders’ Summit

Today at the 2023 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in Long Beach, CA, UICC announced the winners of its Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Awards.

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UICC’s Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding efforts that contribute to advancing cancer care and control in two categories: UICC full member organisations and individuals working for civil society organisations.

The 2023 Award winners were announced at the close of the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in Long Beach, CA by UICC President-elect, Ulrika Årehed Kågström, Secretary-General of the Swedish Cancer Society.

Full member category: Liga Contra el Cancer, Peru

The Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Award in the Full member category was given to Liga Contra el Cancer, Peru, whose work focuses on cancer prevention, particularly among economically disadvantaged populations.

Established 68 years ago, the Liga Contra el Cancer in Peru was the first institution in the country to address cancer and is considered a leading authority in the field. The organisation employs a ‘population screening’ model, using mobile units and networks of community agents for nationwide prevention.

To amplify its message, the Liga Contra el Cancer uses various communication platforms, including TV, radio, and social media, and partners with influencers and public figures. It has achieved significant quantitative results, such as vaccinating nearly 150,000 schoolchildren and serving over 2 million women across Peru.

Addressing health inequity in Peru, the organisation implements strategies to provide free care, educate communities, and deliver mobile healthcare services to vulnerable areas. It aims to give everyone an equitable chance to achive the best possible level of health.

The Liga Contra el Cancer has received multiple awards, including the Carlos Slim Health Award in 2018 and the Clarence H. Moore Award in 2010 for its significant contributions to health in the Americas. It was also recognised by the Peruvian State and the Municipality of Lima for its sustained efforts in cancer prevention and care.

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Civil Society category: Dr Freddy Bray

Dr Freddie Bray, who leads the Cancer Surveillance Section of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), received the Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Award in the Civil Society category. He specialises in estimating the global cancer burden and predicting future trends, especially in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC).

Dr Bray also leads the Global Initiative for Cancer Registration (GICR), aimed at expanding the coverage and quality of population-based cancer registries (PBCR) in LMIC. PBCR are vital for evidence-based global cancer control.

Bray advocates for stronger international collaboration, including with the World Health Organization (WHO), to develop effective data and surveillance policies. He stresses the importance of PBCR in informing national cancer control plans and narrowing the cancer equity gap in LMIC.

He was the first to examine global cancer scale using the Human Development Index and has authored highly-cited papers on global cancer burden. Despite his significant contributions, he has received no personal awards in his nearly 30-year career.

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Short-listed nominees

The two other short-listed nominees in the Full member category were Cancer Institute New South Wales (NSW), Australia, whose eviQ programme provides freely accessible, evidence-based online cancer treatment protocols and used globally to support for disadvantaged communities; and World Cancer Research Fund International, an organisation that influences global policies and has pioneered research into the link between nutrition and cancer.

The two other short-listed nominees in the Civil Society category were Dr Brenda Gallie, an internationally renowned ocular oncologist and Head of the Retinoblastoma Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, who is celebrated for transforming the field through groundbreaking research, advocacy and compassionate care, with a strong focus on global health equity in early detection and affordable treatment; and Dr David Poplack, a recognised leader in paediatric oncology and former Director of Texas Children’s Cancer Center for 25 years, who has expanded the centre's faculty and impact, authored a reference textbook and led the Global HOPE initiative to address health inequities and improve survival rates in African countries.

Short-listed nominees for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Award

UICC inaugurated its Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Awards at the 2019 World Cancer Leaders' Summit in Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan, recognising the achievements of Dr Tabaré Vázquez, former President of Uruguay. In 2021, UICC expanded the awards to include a category for individuals working at civil society organisations.

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