Make the most of your membership

  • Utilising UICC resources to assist your organisation in achieving its goal, including access to all campaign materials and promotion of your activities on UICC’s calendar of cancer events;
  • Staying informed on the latest news and opportunities through reading the monthly UICC newsletter and regularly following our website and various social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook);
  • Disseminating UICC opportunities within your organisation;
  • Participate in the UICC General Assembly to help shape UICC priorities and vote in UICC elections if you are a Full Member
  • Promoting your engagement with us by means of the brand-new “proud member” logo– to use the logo for event promotion and / or at your event, kindly contact;
  • Appointing at least two key contact people within your organisation if not already indicated in the application form and reach out to for any changes in your organisation contact details to ensure an efficient communication ​
  • Sharing your activities and future projects with the Membership Team. UICC recognises the diversity of its membership, their needs, priorities and expectations. In order to better serve our members, the Membership Team would appreciate your feedback on how we can best fulfil your needs and how UICC’s work is relevant to your activities.
Last update: 
Tuesday 21 July 2020