Self-guided courses

What is a UICC self-guided course?

Self-guided courses are online courses in which the pace of learning is set by the learner and all learning materials are available on-demand. Self-guided courses are not bound to a fixed schedule and can be completed at any time.

The content of self-guided courses is sourced from past Master courses, hence benefit from the same expertise and knowledge, however they do not include the live support of faculty.


Participants can access all course materials and complete the course at their own pace


High quality, evidence-based learning materials and resources developed by experts


Global perspectives
Case studies and webinars that highlight perspectives from around the world

How can I access a self-guided course?

Eight self-guided courses are currently available for staff of UICC member organisations. To access the courses you need to sign-up for or sign-in to your UICC eLearning account.

Explore UICC's self-guided courses by clicking on the links below.

Advocacy for cervical cancer elimination
Raising the voices of patient advocates
Future-proofing cancer organisations
Managing sustainable civil society organisations
Financing for UHC in the context of cancer control
Addressing antimicrobial resistance
Access to essential medicines
Patient engagement for better cancer control
Integrating radiotherapy in national cancer programmes
Last update: 
Tuesday 10 January 2023