Treatment for All

An exciting and inspiring advocacy campaign

‘Treatment for All’ is the name of an exciting and inspiring advocacy initiative run by UICC. It calls on the international cancer community to address the global equity gap in access to cancer services by getting behind four essential pillars of cancer treatment and care:

  1. Improving the quality of cancer data for public health use
  2. Increasing the number of people with access to early detection and accurate cancer diagnosis
  3. Providing timely and quality treatment for early and metastatic disease for all
  4. Providing a basic supportive and palliative care service for all
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The campaign encourages UICC members to identify priorities under Treatment for All that best fit their national needs and strategies. Additionally, in the next few years, UICC aspires to engage as many as 40 low- and middle-income countries in a comprehensive, guided process of their own Treatment for All campaigns, working to improve the provision of information, availability and access to cancer services for whole-of-population progress.

Please note that we cannot provide individual aid to patients or their families. If you are seeking local support, please view our Map of Members to find organisations in your area.

Relevant to all

No matter where each country stands, or which inequities each country faces, Treatment for All captures the importance of addressing all cancers, for all ages, across all geographies in order to improve patient outcomes with cost-effective, timely and quality treatment and care, and without bias.

Global action

Global action

Around the world, 4.3 million people die prematurely from cancer each year. Over the last seven years, UICC has united the cancer community to position cancer on the global health and development agenda, with inclusion of cancer and non-communicable diseases in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 and culminating in the successful adoption of a cancer resolution at the World Health Assembly in 2017. However, as we endeavour to stimulate universal health coverage and global equity, between and within countries, to successfully meet our targets of a 25% reduction in cancer mortality by 2025 and a 33% reduction by 2030, global commitments must be translated into national action.

Cancer mortality

National action

How to get involved

We urge all UICC members to take action toward Treatment for All. Join the Treatment for All campaign, launched World Cancer Day 2018, by using our new social media toolkit  and graphic assets. To share what you are already doing to improve access to cancer data, early detection, treatment and care, contact and to learn more about what others are doing, which reflects Treatment for All, check out our existing case studies . We can't wait to hear from you.

Treatment for All - Howe to get involved
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Thursday 12 July 2018