Case Study: Fighting testicular cancer in Slovakia through clinical and translational research

A spotlight on quality treatment and care by Michal Chovanec

Dr Michal Chovanec currently works as a clinical oncologist at the National Cancer Institute of Slovakia, where each year he generally treats around 300 newly diagnosed patients and survivors suffering from testicular germ cell tumours (TGCT).

In 2015, Dr Chovanec completed a UICC fellowship on clinical and translational research in TGCT at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center in the United States, one of the leading centres in testicular cancer treatment and research, under the supervision of Professor Lawrence Einhorn, who is an oncologist known for curing testicular cancer by pioneering first line and salvage chemotherapy regimens.

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Case Study
Michal Chovanec
Publish Date: 
7 May 2018
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Friday 7 June 2019