09 November 2021

World Cancer Day’s new three-year “Close the care gap” campaign kicks off!

Today, UICC is proud to present World Cancer Day’s new campaign on building fairer, more equitable access to cancer care for all.

The new World Cancer Day 2022-2024 campaign theme, Close the care gap, is about identifying and addressing the barriers that exist for many people around the world in access the care they need.

The first year of the new three-year “Close the care gap” campaign for 4 February 2022 officially kicked off today, Monday 8 November, in a three-month build-up to World Cancer Day on Friday 4 February 2022. UICC hosted two live Facebook sessions, so that everyone around the world could tune in! A recording of the session can be viewed here.

The World Cancer Day website has been updated to reflect the new campaign branding designed to raise awareness about the numerous barriers that exist for people around the world in access the cancer care they need. 

Discover now the “Close the care gap” campaign, with toolkit, posters, how-to guides and other materials. There are the 21-Day Challenges to engage in this year to get moving and learn more about equity, health and cervical cancer. And since the campaign theme is all about improving access to quality cancer care for everyone – no matter who they are or where they live – there is a dedicated page and quiz on equity in healthcare.

World Cancer Day’s three-year “Close the care gap” campaign was first presented in the lead-up to the UICC’s World Cancer Leaders’ Summit to participants on the Summit platform. The panel discussion with Paul Farmer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Partners In Health, and Philippa Kibugu Decuir, Founder and Director of the Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa (BCIEA) Inc was moderated by UICC’s Immediate Past President, Princess Dina Mired of Jordan.

This past 4 February, more than 800 activities were organised around the world in the midst of the pandemic to ensure that cancer was not forgotten. World Cancer Day trended globally on Twitter and over 160 landmarks were lit up in 95 cities. 

View the Facebook Live launch of the World Cancer Day 2022-2024 campaign

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