World Cancer Day is over for one more year

8 February 2021

Only just a few days ago, this past 4th February brought together the global cancer community, inspired powerful conversations and saw thousands of activities that helped to raise awareness and connected communities.

Initial numbers reveal the incredible enthusiasm generated by World Cancer Day, with over 20,000 press mentions, more than 700 activities registered on the map of activities, over 100 landmarks illuminated in orange and blue around the world, and hundreds of thousands of engagements on social media and web visitors.

The Day was promulgated at the highest levels, with US President Biden tweeting a heartfelt, personal message about his experience with cancer and President Macron of France talking about the impact of cancer and the EU Beating Cancer Plan.



It is, however, the grassroots phenomenon contributing to World Cancer’s Day’s success that makes the event so special. The involvement of thousands around the world making personal commitments to help fight cancer will make a difference, showing that together, everyone’s actions matter. 

World Cancer Day truly brought people together around a common concern, as portrayed in the Common Ground conversations. In the media, local actors were giving the opportunity to talk about the hardships they have faced with the pandemic and how they rose to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Progress in cancer care was also emphasised, in particular the promise of less invasive, more effective personalised treatment with advances in immunotherapy.

For many members and supporters, World Cancer Day activities will continue throughout the rest of the month, including the World Cancer Day Solidarity Challenge, which brought together thousands of cyclists and celebrities riding in support of the day. Watch the celebrity race here and to donate, visit:

UICC would like to express its thanks and gratitude for all the support and engagement shown by everyone, everywhere: health community, organisations, businesses, leaders, governments, young people and individuals from all walks of life.

Photo: World Cancer Day 2021 event held in Lahore, Pakistan 
Credit: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC)

Last update: 
Monday 7 February 2022