World Cancer Day Instagram account has been hijacked

The Jet d'eau, the landmark of Geneva where UICC is headquartered, illuminated in the colour of World Cancer Day
3 September 2021

At the end of August, the World Cancer Day Instagram account managed by UICC was the target of a cyberattack and has been stolen, or “phished”. The account is now compromised.

UICC is the lead organiser of World Cancer Day, which has become one of the most important health awareness days of the year and is celebrated on 4th February.

Unfortunately, the World Cancer Day Instagram account fell victim to a cyberattack at the end of August and was hijacked. The account can no longer be accessed. UICC is taking legal action.

Please be careful if you are being approached via the World Cancer Day Instagram account in any way, as it is no longer in safe hands. These phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and illegitimate emails are unfortunately harder to spot. 

UICC strongly condemns the attack. Several attempts to reach out to Instagram for assistance have met with either no response or the claim that our complaint cannot be received as it is considered neither an intellectual property violation nor an infringement of UICC's legal rights. 

No doubt World Cancer Day supporters will prove their resilience and unfaltering support and soon rally again on Instagram once a new account has been created to fight for this important cause. 

In the meantime, UICC is working on an exciting new campaign for 4th February 2022 and looks forward to sharing it soon.

Last update: 
Thursday 16 September 2021