Watch auction to support global breast cancer control raises over USD 500k

Thanks to the money raised by the Pink Dial Project through the auction of bespoke timepieces, UICC will be able to increase its support to breast cancer organisations around the world.
29 November 2021

A charity auction of bespoke watches organised to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October raised an impressive USD 525,000. UICC has been selected as the charity partner of the auction.

Revolution Watch is a magazine dedicated to covering all aspects of watchmaking and the watch industry, publishing in eight countries and several languages. After raising money for COVID-19 in 2020 and for the Australian bushfires in 2019, Revolution Watch engaged influential and high-profile companies in the watch industry to organise and launch the “Pink Dial Project”, to raise funds for the global fight against breast cancer, choosing UICC as its charity partner for 2021. The auction of bespoke watches raised over USD 525,000.

Thanks to the money raised by the Pink Dial Project, UICC will be able to increase its support to breast cancer organisations around the world by offering grants to selected national projects improving the lives of people living with breast cancer and accelerating  early detection of the disease. 

In addition, UICC will provide key learning and networking opportunities through its Breast Cancer Programme for its members specifically focused on breast cancer as well as strengthen and engage the global breast cancer community. Through the funds received, UICC will also be able to increase the number of organisations it currently supports, engaging new ones who would benefit from the wealth of opportunities available through UICC membership. 

“This is an exceptional fundraising amount and comes at a very timely moment when breast cancer has surpassed lung cancer as the most common form of diagnosed cancer in the world. We are thrilled and extremely grateful to Revolution Watch for organising this auction and choosing UICC as its partner to ensure that cancer patients and the community benefit from the generosity of the watchmakers and those who participated in the auction..”
–    Cary Adams, CEO of UICC 

In organising the Pink Dial Project, Revolution Watch asked top watch brands to make a “pièce unique”, a one-of-a-kind watch with a pink dial. The watches were announced across all of Revolution Watch’s print, online and social media platforms. They were sold at a week-long online auction starting 25 October on the platform Loupe This. 

Some 20 well-known as well as smaller, independent watchmakers were represented, including Bulgari, Longines, IWC, Montblanc, Panerai, Piaget, Roger Dubuis, TAG Heuer and Zenith. A full list of manufacturers and details on their “Pink Dial Project” creations can be found at Revolution Watch’s website

UICC is particularly grateful on behalf of its members that Revolution Watch chose to spotlight breast cancer for its 2021 charity drive and select UICC as its partner. Both partners look forward to exploring future opportunities to increase the support and resources available for breast cancer control around the world. 

Last update: 
Monday 29 November 2021