Short educational videos: Cancer Staging Series

Cancer Staging Series
19 September 2018

Following “UICC Global Consultation on Cancer Staging” a series of short educational videos explaining the proper use of cancer staging terminology has been developed.

In February 2017, UICC TNM Project with support from the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) organized a “UICC Global Consultation on Cancer Staging” hosted by the Lancet Oncology. The goal of the consultation was to reach an agreement on the appropriate use of cancer staging classification and terminology.

Following the consultation, in an exciting collaboration with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a series of eight videos has been produced for the purpose of educating and informing the global cancer community about what cancer staging is, its importance for patients, its relevance to research and cancer control, and the terminology used in staging. 

“Cancer stage is an essential tool in the management of any patient with cancer. As a result misinterpretations about the appropriate use of stage can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings, with knock-on impacts for how patients are managed. These short and simple videos not only help in understanding the rules of cancer staging but also explain the importance of stage to cancer registries, cancer control and surveillance and should be watched by anyone with an interest in cancer care”, said Dr James Brierley, Co-Chair, TNM Core Committee.

According to Dr Fabio Moraes, UICC Young Leader:

“The exercise of developing each cancer staging video was a meaningful, collaborative and challenging activity, which brought together a passionate global team focused on improving cancer control and education.”

Click on the links below to watch the videos:

  1. Importance of Cancer Staging
  2. What is Cancer Stage
  3. General Rules for Cancer Staging 
  4. Cancer Staging Examples 
  5. Staging Terminology 
  6. Importance of Common Stage Language 
  7. Why stage language changes and how this affects usage 
  8. Essential TNM

The series is available in English, French and Chinese.

Stay tuned for the versions in Arabic, Russian and Spanish coming soon.

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Friday 7 June 2019