New publication on the ICCP building capacity in cancer control planning

14 August 2015

The following is an extract of the article "The International Cancer Control Partnership: Building Capacity in Cancer Control Planning" published in Cancer Control 2015: Cancer Control in Emerging Health Systems.

National cancer planning that supports a robust health system in order to effectively prevent and control cancer is a critical investment for both developed and developing countries alike. Cancer surveillance data are vital for formulating targeted and effective national cancer control plans (NCCPs) as well monitoring and evaluating their impact. Yet despite the compelling evidence that NCCPs can be effective in improving the coverage and quality of cancer services and patient outcomes, many countries struggle to develop and implement NCCPs with adequate funding and coordination support. The International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP) is a key collaborative initiative to pool resources and bridge the gaps that currently exist in cancer control planning. The goal of the ICCP is to encourage and support the development, financing and implementation of comprehensive NCCPs in order to drive achievement of the overarching goal of the WHO Global Action Plan on NCDs, namely a 25% reduction in premature mortality from NCDs by 2025.

By Julie Torode, UICC Deputy CEO, Kristina Collins, UICC Global Advocacy Coordinator, Brenda Kostelecky, NCI Centre for Global Health Team Lead for Planning, Policy and Outreach, Rebecca Morton-Doherty, UICC Advocacy and Programmes Coordination Manager, Lisa Stevens, NCI Deputy Director of Planning and Operations, and Cynthia Vinson, NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Science Senior Advisor for Implementation Science.

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