Updated on 15 September

More epic cycling rides in 2022 by BMS to fundraise for UICC members

Last year, Bristol Myers Squibb employees in Europe cycled 3,000km for a record fundraise of nearly USD 600,000 in donations.
17 August 2022

On 2 September, employees of Bristol Myers Squibb will once again cycle across Europe. And this year, another C2C4C ride across Latin America will be added to those in Europe, USA and Japan.

The first C2C4C ride took place in 2014 with the Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer in the United States. In 2016, Bristol Myers Squibb organised the Country 2 Country 4 Cancer ride in Europe. Last year saw 150 BMS employees cycle over 3,000km in three weeks across seven countries. Since its inception in Europe, more than 300 Bristol Myers Squibb employees have raised over €1.31 million (USD1.35 million) through the C2C4C ride. Collectively, the C2C4C events have raised more than USD12 million.

Indeed, after Europe, C2C4C expanded to Japan with the Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer event, and now in 2022 the C2C4C is headed to Latin America from 30 November to 14 December. More than 65 employees will alternate riding in Chile between Puerto Varas to Pucón for nearly 1,800km. The funds raised will go to support UICC member organisations in the region and UICC will report on the event later in the year.

“Year after year, I am amazed at the energy and dedication shown by Bristol Myers Squibb employees who participate in the Country 2 Country 4 Cancer ride, a real endurance feat in support of people living with cancer. Thanks to their goodwill and the impressive logistical support provided by Bristol Myers Squibb in setting up this event, cancer organisations across Europe have benefitted from much-needed funds to continue delivering their services to those in need even during the pandemic.
Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC.

Country 2 Country 4 Cancer – Europe 2022

The European C2C4C kicks off on 2 September in Munich, Germany and will end 18 days later in London, UK, on 19 September. More than 90 riders from 16 countries will cover nearly 2,200km over the next 18 days before concluding the race in Belgium [Ed. note: The ride was originally supposed to end on 19 September in London, England; it was diverted to Belgium, however, due to events surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II].

This year’s ride includes employees from 16 participating countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Together, their miles will make more memories for cancer patients and their loved ones.

“Riding for patients in our communities across Europe means the world to me. Country 2 Country 4 Cancer is truly more than a bike ride because its impact stretches far beyond the nearly 2,200 kilometers it will cover this year. We're cycling to help drive advancements in cancer research for the future of patients."
Neil Archer, General Manager, Germany, Bristol Myers Squibb, who is riding this year in Europe

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Thursday 15 September 2022