Introducing the Cancer Advocates programme: a new name for Treatment for All

National efforts to improve equity in access to cancer treatment and care - Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash - Hands
23 March 2020

UICC’s successful Treatment for All initiative has been renamed the Cancer Advocates programme.

Two years after its successful launch, new developments are underway for the Treatment for All initiative, in the form of a new name and a strengthened identity. Treatment for All is now known as the Cancer Advocates programme.

UICC has chosen this name to better reflect the focus and content of the learning initiatives being delivered as part of the programme, putting it where it most belongs: on the participating organisations and their work.

UICC launched the Treatment for All initiative following the adoption of the 2017 World Health Assembly cancer resolution, ‘Cancer prevention and control in the context of an integrated approachto subsequently support country-led national efforts to improve equity in access to cancer treatment and care. Its focus is especially concentrated on low- and middle-income countries.

After overwhelming interest from the first call for applications to join the programme in 2018, to date, 20 member organisations have taken part. Working closely with UICC, these organisations, known as Country Champions, have sought to strengthen their capacity for advocacy and, along with other in-country stakeholders, engage governments to improve cancer control.

Under the new name, the programme will continue to deliver a comprehensive high-quality learning experience and will build upon valuable feedback from participating organisations to continue to strengthen the resources and tools provided to meet the needs of organisations as effectively as possible.

At a national level, Country Champions are also welcome to continue using the Treatment for All name, in English or a local language, for their national advocacy efforts.

Last update: 
Monday 23 March 2020