11 August 2022

Icon Group supports UICC Virtual Fellowships

Building on innovations implemented during the pandemic, Icon Group is looking to share its experiences and expertise with other health professionals around the world through a UICC Virtual Fellowship.

Icon Group is Australia’s largest dedicated cancer care provider, delivering over 2.5 million patient interactions every year. Since 2015, Icon has expanded globally into New Zealand, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Icon is keen to share its experiences and expertise with other health professionals around the world through UICC Virtual Fellowships. 

UICC Virtual Fellowships allow cancer professionals from UICC member organisations with the opportunity to access expert guidance and support in cancer control through a series of one-to-one video calls facilitated by UICC. This initiative provides an online alternative to UICC’s Technical Fellowships in supporting ongoing learning and development  in cancer control.

“At Icon, we believe where you live shouldn’t determine if you live. Our investment in technology and the unique remote capabilities we have introduced has allowed us to remain connected, irrespective of location and restrictions during these challenging times, ensuring cancer patients were not left isolated. I am proud to offer the opportunity for our Icon team members and their peers across the UICC membership base to connect through UICC’s Virtual Fellowships in the hope we can learn from one another and make a difference.”
Mark Middleton, Icon Group CEO

In the past two years, Icon has managed to innovate through the pandemic and adapt to the disruptions caused by COVID-19. The technology and resources Icon has deployed to continue delivering its service include: 

  • online education and training using assisted reality headset technology for live and recorded simulated training; 
  • dual-language online clinical nurse training; and, 
  • remote radiation therapy planning with dedicated therapists delivering complex treatment plans across Icon’s international network. 

“Unfortunately, there is currently a shortage of radiation therapy expertise across many countries, particularly as you move away from the major cities. The use of assisted reality headsets has enabled us to train and support our teams in China, effectively and accurately providing a two-way remote conversation that has allowed us to bring a world-class level of care to complement the local clinical teams. We are now exploring further uses for this technology in different parts of the business, continuing to innovate and evolve the way we deliver healthcare and dissolve barriers.”
Claire Smith, Icon Group Director of Radiation Therapy

Experienced health professionals involved in radiation oncology, medical oncology or haematology, who are interested in exploring a Virtual Fellowship from UICC member organisations are invited to apply. Experts from one of Icon's cancer centres will tailor a programme based on the individual/organisation’s area of interest.

"We are very excited to be able to support UICC Virtual Fellowships which will provide unique opportunities for our nursing team to share their knowledge and for invited professionals to connect with likeminded people looking to improve patient outcomes."
Margie Hjorth, Icon Group Director of Nursing

For more information on how to apply, please visit the Virtual Fellowships website

For more information on Icon Group Cancer Centres please visit Icon Group – Leading cancer care provider

Don’t hesitate to email for any further questions.

To find out more about Icon Group’s experience with remote capabilities watch out for a digital session at the upcoming World Cancer Congress. 

“Icon Group is excited to share experiences of our remote capabilities at the upcoming World Cancer Congress. Joined by a multidisciplinary team from our radiotherapy, nursing and chemotherapy compounding divisions we will share the learnings Icon gained over the course of the pandemic and how innovations such as RealWear technology supported the remote roll out of new sites in China. Case studies, challenges and future opportunities will be discussed in a pre-recorded Q&A session."
Darien Montgomerie, Site Manager, Bowen Icon Cancer Centre, New Zealand

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Thursday 11 August 2022

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