Discover UICC's impact in its newly published 2019 Annual Report

UICC 2019 Annual Report
3 July 2020

UICC's 2019 Annual Report looks back at a year of achievements that have helped the organisation build a solid foundation and navigate the current uncertainty and a rapidly changing environment.

2019 may appear as a distant memory, eclipsed by the COVID-19 crisis. Societies have had to adapt but no doubt the lessons learned will serve to strengthen them moving forwards.  
At UICC, learning is an integral part of how the organisation functions. Its work is driven by constant improvement, relentless innovation and the best intention to serve its members and partners every day. In this way UICC hopes to achieve the ambition that no-one should die of a preventable cancer, and that those with a cancer diagnosis have access to timely and quality treatment and care. 
The ambition might sound simple. Yet, the fact is that societies continue to struggle to address many critical components of cancer control. Tobacco use is still unacceptably high; access to basic screening is still unavailable where it's often needed most; more young girls should be receiving the HPV vaccine, yet are not; cancers continue to be presented late with better outcomes still escaping our patients; and many low- and middle-income countries remain hampered by a lack of adequate resources and treatment facilities.
The pandemic has revealed the cracks and fault lines in health systems in a way that has not been seen before. This realisation should be an even stronger impetus to increase investment in national health systems, because what has become plainly obvious is that heath issues are economic ones.

"Please read UICC’s 2019 Annual Report and see how the UICC community delivered a year of remarkable progress and impact. I am proud of everything our entire community has done and achieved. To everyone who has helped make this community stronger, thank you."
— Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC

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Monday 6 July 2020