Countdown to World Cancer Day 2022!

The new World Cancer Day 2022-2024 campaign theme, Close the care gap, is about identifying and addressing the barriers that exist for many people around the world in access the care they need.
6 January 2022

Organised every 4 February and led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), World Cancer Day is a global initiative that aims to inspire greater awareness of cancer and action in better preventing, detecting and treating the disease.

World Cancer Day 2022 marks the first year of a new three-year campaign centred on the issue of equity. The campaign theme ‘Close the care gap’ recognises the power of knowledge and challenges assumptions. This first year of the campaign raises awareness about the lack of equity in cancer care and explains the barriers that exist for many people in accessing services and receiving the care they need – and how these barriers potentially reduce a person’s chance of surviving cancer.

What to expect on World Cancer Day 2022

  • The cancer community will make its voice heard on a global scale, generate enthusiasm and action, raise awareness about the need to close the gap in cancer care and make sure that everyone has equitable access to lifesaving services, and get #WorldCancerDay and #CloseTheCareGap trending on social media.
  • A full day of live content streamed on the World Cancer Day website as well as on the World Cancer Day Facebook and YouTube channels offering a rare look at the work of the cancer community. 
  • Discussions with experts and people living with cancer taking an in-depth look at the socioeconomic factors, such as cultural contexts, gender norms, income and education levels, as well as the prejudices, discrimination and assumptions based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability and lifestyle that create wide disparities in cancer prevention, incidence and survival.
  • The second edition of the World Cancer Day Solidarity Challenge, which will see thousands of cyclists, runners and some of the biggest names in sport raise awareness about cancer. 
  • For those still planning an activity, plenty of materials are available for download on the World Cancer Day website.

This year follows on from the success of last year’s campaign at the height of the pandemic, which saw over 840 activities taking place in 116 countries, including 152 iconic monuments in 91 cities were lit up in the colour orange for World Cancer Day, over 20,000 press articles published in 156 countries, and nearly 700,000 social media posts were shared, including at the highest levels from US President Joe Biden, French President Emanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. More than 110,000 campaign materials were downloaded from the website, with 50,000 custom posters generated by visitors.

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Friday 28 January 2022