24 August 2021

In Conversation: Stalled progress in cancer care

Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC and Charles Goddard, Editorial Director at the Economist Group, review the progress made in cancer care in the past decade and how to respond to the setbacks due to COVID-19. 

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Cancer care has seen numerous encouraging developments in the past decade but has suffered setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic. 

In this conversation, Charles Goddard, Editorial Director at The Economist Group, speaks to Cary Adams, CEO of UICC, discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed much of the progress made in cancer care around the world, the backlog of screenings and treatment, the long-term consequences for cancer services and the general lack of media coverage of this issue.

importantly, they speak about the potential silver linings arising from the pandemic for cancer care and the need to address cancer not just as a health issue but also an economic one. Together they also


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Tuesday 24 August 2021

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