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Our Views Our Voices
21 August 2017

An Online Consultation is available in English, French and Spanish to hear from those directly affected by NCDs, as well as care partners, relatives, and friends. Until 9 September, please add your voice to this online survey if you are a person affected by NCDs.

Earlier this year, NCDA launched its Our Views, Our Voices initiative as a way of supporting the meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) in the NCD response, enabling PLWNCDs to drive action for change.

Our Views, Our Voices aims to 1) Consult of a broad cross-section of PLWNCDs, 2) Produce an advocacy agenda of PLWNCDs, 3) Ensure meaningful involvement of PLWNCDs and 4) Amplify the voices and views of PLWNCDs by stimulating public debate.


In the past few months, NCDA has hosted in-person Community Conversations in different regions to identify common issues faced by PLWNCDs and recommendations to address these. If you are planning to conduct a community consultation, please let the Advocacy and Networks Team know at

For those who are unable to engage in these face-to-face interactions, you can add your voice to the Online Consultation or through tweets like the examples shared here:

  • Are you living with an NCD? Join Our Views, Our Voices. Take action & drive change. Be part of #NCDVoices @ncdalliance  
  • What are the main challenges that PLWNCDs face every day? Tell us your story. Join #NCDvoices @ncdalliance  
  • Share your views, take action & drive change. Be part of #NCDVoices @ncdallliance

For the latest information, please view NCDA’s news release from 17 August, as well as their consultation promotional video.

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Friday 7 June 2019