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Founded in 1951, Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organization. Its main task is to raise and distribute money for cancer research. The core of the Swedish Cancer Society's activities is funding research. The Swedish Cancer Society funds research projects, care development projects, in cancer research positions, grants and other areas. Additional areas of support include participation in courses and conferences related to cancer, as well as scientific meetings and collaboration groups. The crucial aspects when awarding grants are each project's originality, anticipated news value and feasibility, and its link to cancer. The process of selecting the very best research projects follows established procedures and is closely regulated. Regulations stipulate that the Research Commission should follow the same principles as government research councils - such as the national Swedish Research Council - when awarding grants. The Research Commission's aim is to support the projects that represent the highest quality in the field of cancer, whatever the focus. This means that selection takes place in national competition and does not take account of the field of research or geographic location. However, there are some exceptions where targeted funds are awarded to research areas of particular urgency. Swedish Cancer Society has been a UICC full member since 1967.
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