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Slovenian Coalition for Tobacco Control (SCTC) was founded in 2003 in accordance with the Societies Act. It is a legal person in private law and operates within the area of the Republic of Slovenia. SCTC is a voluntary, independent, non-partisan, and non-profit making association of non-governmental organizations, which promote health in terms of the prevention of tobacco smoking. SCTC unites 26 societies in the Republic of Slovenia and is a member of the European Network for Smoking Prevention, where two of the SCTC representatives actively participate. The association cooperates with the European Commission and many other foreign coalitions, which include in their work smoking prevention activities. The COALITION is implementing its goals by performing following tasks in accordance with valid regulations and purposes: - organizing and/or carrying out collective educational programmes for members of the COALITION - organizing and/or carrying out sporting activities for workers and co-operators of the COALITION - organizing professional education and improving knowledge of the professional cadres of the COALITION - promoting sporting activities and recreation as the alternative for smoking through various media - informing members of the COALITION and others who take interest in possibilities of incorporating into other organizations - establishing sufficient informational system - connecting with and keeping contacts with other organizations in Slovenia and abroad - leading the evidence of membership for the member organizations. * education on health promotion * spread of information about tobacco consumption, its dangers and harmfulness, benefits of quitting, and the promotion of best practices from home and abroad * smoking cassation in accordance with the national programme (CINDI Slovenia) * coordination with the governmental bodies (Ministry of health, Slovenian Public Health Institute, Prima Health Care Centres etc.) In March of 2009, SCTC became associate UICC member.
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