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Salvati A.C. (Salvati) is a non-profit organization that supports underserved patients and families dealing with all types of cancer, but with a special focus on breast cancer. Its mission is to help cancer patients and their families to improve their quality of life through specialized therapies, as well as to generate awareness about the secondary effects of cancer treatments (e.g. lymphedema) and generate projects that help people understand and believe in the importance of early detection and risk prevention. Salvati’s multidisciplinary team of specialists consists of physical therapists, a psychologist, nutrition experts, support groups, and oncology estheticians. The team develops therapies that are key for the recovery of every cancer patient. Its therapy model is patient centered, and targeted to assist people who cannot afford oncology treatments. Salvati assists and supports patients on the bottom of the pyramid to access comprehensive high-quality oncology treatment services.

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Av. Yucatan 66, Roma Nte.
Mexico City
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Monday 26 September 2022