Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute

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Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute is one of the top academic cancer centers in China. It is devoted to offering the best of evidence-based and patient-centered medical care, conducting high-level basic and translational researches, and providing high-quality basic medical teaching and specialization training programs. Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute is one of the most versatile cancer centers in China, using surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and interventional therapy, etc. to treat a wide range of tumors, especially gastrointestinal cancers, breast cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, liver cancer and lung cancer. It advocates multidisciplinary cooperation, integrating all available expertise and resources to offer patients the best tailored comprehensive therapies possible. Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute has strong capacity in basic and clinical studies on cancer. There are more than 140 talented researchers working in 10 basic laboratories equipped with the most advanced apparatus and up-to-date research technologies in cell biology, proteomics and genomics. Prominent progress has been achieved in researches on carcinogenesis, cancer prevention, biology, epidemiology and biotherapy relating to the most common cancers in China, especially gastric cancer and breast cancer.

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#52 Fu-Cheng Road, Hai-Dian District
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Thursday 1 October 2020