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The main aims and activities of Fadia Survive & Thrive Association revolve around cancer patient advocacy, cancer prevention, control and alleviating its side effects, by improving patients' quality of life via evidence-based knowledge being put into action. The Association has been very active in its first operational phase in making sure that everything is done to allow cancer patients to survive and thrive with the best possible information and knowledge that could be implemented to improve their quality of life, while supporting prevention and awareness campaigns in addition to scientific research contributing to cancer patients’ quality of life as well. Fadia Survive & Thrive also acknowledges the unique needs of patients with advanced / metastatic cancer by aiming to facilitate (in a second operational phase) their access to advanced cancer drugs at minimal cost and bureaucracy with equality in the eyes of cancer; getting advanced cancer drugs regardless of cancer patients’ race, gender, national origin, colour, ethnicity, religion, financial condition or any other characteristics not related to patients’ cancer diagnosis. The Association was founded in 2016, although its history goes back more years when its founders had the first initiatives (locally and internationally) leading to the establishment. The Honorary President Fadia Abdel Salam Ibrahim was the main inspiration of Fadia Survive & Thrive. She passed away on 19 April 2020 from cancer complications and ICU-developed problems, leaving the Association more determined, recognising that there is yet much to be done in the fight against cancer and changing the oncology narrative to be patient-focused, treating the patient not the disease and definitely not only the symptoms. Fadia Survive & Thrive will now focus on advocating for critically ill cancer patients to ensure their pain and ICU length of stay / complications are reduced significantly by coordinating with multidisciplinary teams to proactively address various patients' needs. The patient, especially metastatic, should be the one and only focus within the fight against cancer.

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5, avenue Gaspard-Vallette, 1206 Genève, Switzerland
P.O. Box 1529 Salmiya, 22016, Kuwait (for postal correspondence with the current President)
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Monday 10 October 2022