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HALIKU, which means “I choose to be healed”, works under the maternal and child health program of the Alola Foundation, a local NGO that contributes to the reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality of women and children in Timor-Leste. Haliku’s objective is to increase women’s understanding on prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Haliku educates people on symptoms of cancer and contributing factors, promotes importance of regular breast self-examinations and attending health facilities as soon as symptoms of cancer are identified. HALIKU also targets media for raising awareness campaigns through community radio and newsletters, and distribution of brochures and pamphlets. For the advanced breast cancer patients, when identify the case, HALIKU support and refer the patients to the national hospital and assist the patients for biopsy, after the patient operated we will continue to assist and counsel the patients.

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00670 3323855
Rua Bispo de Medeiros, Mascarenhas, Mercado Lama
PO Box 03
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Monday 5 December 2022